“…Sure, PIE has pepperoni and mozzarella, but so does every Tony, Joey, and Marco. Try a cut of potato, ricotta, mozzarella, and walnuts with a touch of rosemary. Or the brunch pie, with bacon, egg, and cheese. Since there’s no need to commit to full slices, you can sample as many combinations as you want. Just leave room for the Nutella, ricotta, and banana dessert pie. Dine in a dash, order delivery, or camp out at the communal table in the back.”
“Is there anyone who doesn’t love pizza? Among the best and the newest examples are the skateboard-shaped strips sold at PIE, which recently opened just south of Union Square. With its bright minimalist decor and long communal table, PIE doesn’t look a bit like your neighborhood pizzeria, but the pies made by Neapolitan Salvatore Olivella are definitely the real thing.
The crust is thick, but chewy and the toppings are brightly flavored and made with quality ingredients. What’s special, though, is that you buy pizza by the pound, as you would in Rome.”
“With New York currently the in the midst of an unprecedented pizza craze, it takes originality to stay ahead of the pack. Enter Pie, a chic new East Village outpost with a twist, make that two twists. The first: spartan, space-age decor that’s more Prada than pizza-pie. The second: an unorthodox ordering practice that makes the triangular slice from the place around the corner a thing of the past. Since Pie’s pizzas are more squished oval than perfect circle, the customer chooses the topping combo that catches their eye (think Nutella and banana or eggs and bacon) then orders the size they want with an approximate hand gesture. The delicious result is cut and weighed, with charges ranging from $5 to $9 per pound depending on the toppings. Voila! Pizza perfection for the control freak.”
“At this sparkling, cheery spot, oblong designer pizzas are sold by the pound, so you can tell the server to cut you as small server to cut you as small or as large a wedge as you want. The pies are resourcefully topped, with everything from bacon, fried eggs, and cheese to asparagus, zucchini, lemon, yellow and red pepper, and mozzarella. Even the plain cheese pie is superb. Don’t overlook the irresistible dessert pies as well, such as the nice and sloppy Nutella-ricotta-banana pie. No wonder this place is so popular.”
“Pie is as far removed from a neighborhood slice joint as it gets. First, there’s the decor: modern, minimalist, more NoLita boutique than Do the Right Thing. Second, the pizza is oblong, resembling a tasty-looking skateboard, and toppings run the gamut from potato-ricotta to bacon-and-egg. Most distinctive, though, is the ordering procedure. You tell the counterperson how big a piece you want, she snips it off, weighs it, and charges you $7 to $16 per pound depending on the topping…”
“Pizza lovers of all ages warm to the thin-crust, skateboard shaped pies sold by weight at this bright fast-fooder with creative toppings like potato, ricotta, rosemary and walnut, and Nutella and banana for dessert…”
“At PIE by the Pound (124 Fourth Ave.), a special S’mores pizza of chocolate and marshmallow ($10 a pound) is proving it can more than hold a candle to traditional birthday cake.”
“PIE downtown specializes in “pie by the pound” where customers choose as big – or small – a portion as they desire from 20 or more pizzas which is snipped off with scissors…..”
“On a weekend afternoon, a gazillion people stop to peer into Pie (subtitled “pie by the pound”) and check out the menu, but it’s the young and happy and chattery that enter to eat…”

FOOD STUFF; Snip, Snip: Pizza by the Pound by Florence Fabricant “The place is called Pie but to call the pizzas it serves pies is a bit of a stretch. At the store, 124 Fourth Avenue (12th Street), the thin-crusted pizzas are shaped into oblongs, scissored into portions according to the customer’s whim and sold by the pound. It is a Roman idea, picked up by Jeffrey Reiss, the owner, and one that is already being used at Naples 45 in the Met Life building. But at Pie, there are more varieties, 26 to 30, in four categories defined by topping: cheese, meat, vegetable or dessert (Nutella, mascarpone)…”

The TONY 100
“New Yorkers are a tough crowd for pizza makers, but Jeffrey Reiss isn’t fazed. The self-proclaimed pizza addict has set his new place apart by offering thin-crust oblong pizza by the pound. The goods are priced to compete with your average slice ($5 to $9 a pound, or about $2 for a slice-size piece).”

Fall 2003 Student Guide
“If Romans want to eat their pizza as street food, they buy it by the pound. Pie sells its pizza by the weight. Thin-crust, oblong-shaped pizzas are cut to order. Unlike the standard slice, however, these pieces can be as large or as small as your appetite.”

2003 Best Fast Food Award
“No better snack on the run than at PIE, my Union Square hangout. Pick any of the elongated thin crust pizzas reclining on the counter, and one of the perky servers will measure it by the inch and pop it in the convection oven. Plenty of veggie-heavy choices, plus weird ingredients like eggs and bacon, and you can get exactly the quantity that you want.”
“Deploying a brilliant merchandising scheme, this new wave pizzeria puts all its cards on the table; in this case, a marble counter on which the day’s offerings are artfully displayed and snipped with scissors by some very up counter gals. Selections range from doctrinaire to off-the-wall, including one embedded with sunny-side-up eggs.”
“I’ve been here a few times and always enjoy the pizza. I love not having to commit to a whole slice or personal pie that only has one or two toppings. I tend to get three different kinds and a beer to wash it all down.” Diane D., New York, NY